Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Boiler Breakdown Advice

A common occurrence around the home, is your boiler failing completely, but understanding the cause of the issue is a great way to not ever find yourself in this situation again. Causes of boiler failures can range from a crack in one of the iron or aluminium sections all the way through to a broken seal on the boiler pump itself. See below some common issues along with some advice on how you can get your boiler back to working for you again. First of all, check if the power supply is on - a simple yet common mistake people make thinking that their boiler is broken, when in fact there is no electricity to power it. If there is a power problem, check for loose connections, and if no luck then contact your electricity provider. Then check the flow of gas, is the gass supply on? Is the stop cock open? Is gas coming through when the stop cock is open? If there is no gas coming through, then you should contact your gas supplier straight away. If your boiler is not powered by gas, but by oil, then check the gauge on the boiler to ensure that enough oil is being fed to the boiler. If the pilot light has gone out, then try and reignite it, always make sure you read the manufacturers instructions at this point. If there is no pilot light on your boiler, then you need to look at and press the de-blocking button. If you have no luck here, move to your manufacturers handbook to make sure that the central heating pressure is set to the requirements set out by the manufacturers themselves. If none of these points to any problems, then you need to call out a gas safe registered boiler engineer straight away to repair the boiler. If you struggle to relight the pilot light, then you will also have to call in a professional to give you a hand. Make sure that you NEVER mess around with anything that you are not familiar too, and never dismantle a boiler. If your boiler has not failed but on the brink, ensure that the central heating putting is fully switched to ON, and try and crank up the temperature on the thermostat to see if this gives your boiler the kick up the backside that it may need. Also, check the time on your boiler to make sure it hasn't been fiddled with by somebody else without you knowing it - a common mistake. If after the above you still have no ideas, then get on the phone to your local boiler repair specialist, who will drop by and see you to help you fix the problem for a small fee.


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